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Bruno Cortis, M.D.
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Who Dr. Cortis Serves
How does stress affect health? Hospitals, heart patients, physicians, nurses and other organizations: let Dr. Bruno Cortis help you learn how to alleviate stress and other factors of heart disease.

Dr. Cortis works with people who are determined to achieve or promote heart health and general wellness by reducing stress and by discovering other pathways to physical and mental well-being. If any of the following describe you, read on:

You are a Representative of a Hospital or Other Organization Involved in Heart Health
You want information on new ways to help your organization improve the treatment of heart disease. And you want it from a source who can also show you how to increase your number of "good" heart patients and reduce malpractice suits.

You are Involved in Patient Care
Your question, "How does stress affect health?" is just the beginning. You suspect that common practices miss some other important facets of dealing with stress and healing. You'd like to learn more about them.

You are a Physician
You'd like help making the transition from the old doctor-centered approach to the new patient-centered approach. You're interested in topics like how you deal with your own stress, how you can avoid malpractice suits, and how you can see more clearly through the eyes of your patients. You want to learn about the real relationship between mind and heart.

You are a Representative of a Non-Medical Organization (Like an Association of Social Workers or Lawyers)
"How does stress affect health?" has taken on new significance for your members. Heart disease and stress are now known as major risks for people in such service professions. (Example: 35 percent of firefighters die of heart attacks while on duty.) You're looking for ways to help your members decrease the affects of stress, increase their well-being, and improve their heart health.

Regardless of Your Professional Role, You Want to Accomplish One or More of the Following:

  • Increase the number of "good" heart patients you serve
  • Reduce malpractice suits
  • Get an understandable answer to the question, "How does stress affect health?"
  • Identify and prevent risk factors for heart attacks
  • Help yourself or others come to understand the real relationship between stress and the heart
  • Learn how to make patients feel cared for
  • Handle stress effectively
  • Discover other pathways to physical and mental well-being
  • Learn how to live the principles of vibrant health
  • Change perceptions of reality via meditation
  • Understand and appreciate the relationship between mind and heart
  • Learn about meditation and its benefits to the heart and health in general
Who is Most Likely to Benefit from Dr. Cortis' Services?
If you want answers to the question, "How does stress affect health," you can benefit. In fact, virtually everyone can benefit from improved heart health. However, we have found that the greatest benefits are most likely to be realized if the organization (hospital, professional group, medical association) and the people they represent are progressive, and open to new approaches to controlling stress and the treatment of heart disease. They also understand that people have emotional, as well as physical, needs.

Now that you have a better idea of the kinds of people and groups Dr. Cortis serves, read about how we work.