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Bruno Cortis, M.D.
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Workshop/Seminar: New Dimensions in the Patient-Physician Relationship
One of the most important aspects of medicine is the patient/physician relationship. We are witnessing a transformation from the old doctor-centered approach, to patient-centered medicine. While the new approach is almost certainly good for patients, it can introduce new challenges for doctors. The goal of this workshop/seminar is to make it easier for doctors to make this transition.

Workshop/seminar length: 1 hour
Beginning time: You determine
Location: Facility of your choice

The program includes:

  • A video that demonstrates the interaction of a patient and his physician. It illustrates how easily the two can misunderstand each other
  • A ten-minute question and answer session at the conclusion
Program Objectives
Physicians who participate in this workshop/seminar will:
  • Understand the effects of stress on their own health
  • Learn the nature of physician burnout and how to recover from it
  • Understand, and be able to avoid the behaviors and attitudes that contribute to malpractice problems
  • Learn about the three types of patients
  • Recognize the types of patients who are most likely to sue
  • Understand patients' needs
  • Understand patients' stress
  • Learn how patients and physicians communicate
  • Know how to make patients feel cared-for
  • Understand the ways to reach physical, mental and spiritual well-being
For more information about the New Dimensions in the Patient-Physician Relationship workshop/seminar, please contact Dr. Cortis.

In addition to workshops/seminars, Dr. Cortis also offers Books, CDs, & DVDs.