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Bruno Cortis, M.D.
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How to deal with stress? Is that a challenge for you or the group you work with? Dr. Bruno Cortis' programs explain stress clearly. They also detail the toll that stress takes on individuals, on patients, employees and the other people you might be concerned with. Best of all, Dr. Cortis' programs explain how to control or eliminate stress, and how to stay healthy and productive in the modern world. Dr. Cortis' programs and services include seminars, lectures, books and videos about how to deal with stress and other aspects of heart health. Plus, subscribe to Mind Your Health, Dr.Cortis' e-Newsletter, so you can stay current with all the relevant issues of heart health and productive living. There is no cost or obligation.


Dr. Cortis' workshops/seminars address stress and the heart; with the physical and non-physical aspects of heart health; with mental health, and - for physicians - the challenges of dealing with changes in patient-physician relationships.

Stress and the Heart
Every day in the USA, 2,400 people die of cardiovascular disease. In this workshop/seminar, people learn to deal with stress. They will be able to:

  • Identify risk factors for heart attacks and how to prevent them
  • Understand the critical relationship between stress and the heart
  • Learn to handle stress effectively
  • Match people's different energy profiles
  • Discover pathways to physical and mental well-being
Read more about the Stress and the Heart workshop/seminar.

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health: Living a Balanced Life
In this instructive, and often enlightening workshop/seminar, participants are motivated to:

  • Learn and live the seven principals of vibrant health
  • Change their perceptions of reality
  • Appreciate the relationship of mind and heart
  • Learn and enjoy the practice of meditation
  • Alter their reaction to stress
Read more about the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health: Living a Balanced Life workshop/seminar.

New Dimensions in the Patient-Physician Relationship
One of the most important aspects of medicine is the patient/physician relationship. We are now witnessing a transformation from the old doctor-centered medicine to patient-centered medicine. In the patient-centered relationship, the physician and the patient work together for a common goal: the maintenance of health, and to live an active life. This empowering workshop/seminar addresses:

  • The physician's own stress and how to deal with it
  • Recognizing the malpractice candidate
  • How to see through the eyes of patients
  • The relationship of mind and heart
  • Recognizing pathways to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
Read more about the New Dimensions in the Patient-Physician Relationship workshop/seminar.

In addition to workshops/seminars, Dr. Cortis also offers Books, CDs, & DVDs.