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Bruno Cortis, M.D.
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Win With Your Heart Intelligence
By Bruno Cortis, M.D.

Traditionally, we believe we think with our heads, but we experience love in our hearts. The reality is we also think from the heart, through emotion and instinct, and the wisdom of the heart is often superior to that of the brain.

In the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiastes), the author writes: "God gives us the heart to think with, and the light in our heart is a spark of the divine heart." Although it may seem strange to think with the heart, the truth is our heart has an intelligence of its own.

In fact, the concept of wisdom is often connected with the heart in scripture and literature. In a very real way, we all think, speak, and reason with the heart, especially when interacting with people we care about.

We also rely on the heart's intelligence whenever we make any important decision. For example, no matter how carefully you may weigh all options, ultimately something serves to make you decide one way or another.

In many, if not most cases, this is your heart speaking, giving you the "feeling" you should do one thing rather than another. Whether you realize this or not, you have consulted your heart as to the wisdom of the choices you are confronted with.